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Your Scout Book, Field Book, First Aid, and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge pamphlets are excellent sources of information on first aid, C.P.R., and safety.

Keep in mind Dave Bolin is a Red Cross Instructor for First Aid, C.P.R., When Help Is Delayed (wilderness first aid), Blood Born Pathogens, Pandemic Flu, Basic Aid Training, First Aid for Little People, and is also a merit badge counselor. If you need help or have a question send an e-mail to or give him a call at 708-758-2939

Wikipedia First Aid  - An article on First Aid history and Training.

Wikipedia CPR  - An article on C.P.R. history and Training.

When To Call 911  -  An article aimed at teenagers on dealing with emergencies and when to call 911.

How C.P.R. Works  -  From How Stuff Works.

Lightweight First Aid Kit   - A list to build a kit for camping or hiking.
Wikipedia First Aid Kits  -  An article from Wikipedia on putting together a first aid kit.
 US Army Survival Manual [.pdf]  - This is the 2002 Army Survival Manual.
 (Please note this is a very big download—32mb. also some of this manual has nothing to do with Scouting but much of it does provide very good advanced first aid and survival information.)
US Army First Aid Manual (.pdf)

First Aid E-Book (pdf)  -  From wikibooks, good to keep on a laptop or pda.
Psychological First Aid E-Book (.pdf)  -  Psychological first aid in disasters.
Hiking & Camping Safety  -  From the Red Cross.
Backpacking First Aid Checklist

Poison Ivy (.pdf)  -  Identify poisonous plants
Plant Smarts (.pdf)  -  First Aid for poisonous plants.
Perilous Partners (.pdf)  -  First Aid for insect bites and stings.
Bee and Insect Sting First Aid (.pdf)

Snake Bite First Aid  -  From the University of Maryland.
Spider Bite First Aid   -  From spiderzrule,
Mountain Biking First Aid  -  Frist Aid for mountain biking injuries.
Emergency Asthma Management  -  From the national Asthma council
Heat Stress First Aid (.pdf)  - First Aid for Heat related illness.
Cold Weather Exposure (.pdf)  -  First Aid for frostbite and cold exposure
Mental Coping Handouts (.pdf)  -  Emotional guidance through a crisis.

First Aid Merit Badge  -  Merit badge requirements from

First Aid Merit Badge Requirements  -  From US Scouting Service Project.