Boy Scout Troop #152
Sauk Village Illinois
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                     "Be Prepared" for emergencies,
                     "Be Prepared" for bad weather,
                     "Be Prepared" for difficult times,
                     "Be Prepared" for everything
It's more than just a moto-It's a way of life!
Don't Forget Both Your Scout Handbook and Field Book
are excellent sources of  First Aid and Emergency Information!!

Planning Contacts
Readyness Resources
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge  -  Worksheet from
After A Disaster Publications  -  Good information to have.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist [.doc] -  A good checklist to prepare for emergencies.
Prep Tools [.html]  - A list of general tools to have on hand,
In My Backpack [.html]  - A list of supplies and equipment to keep in your backpack.
Camping Gear [.html]  -  A list of camping gear for 4 people.

General Emergency Preparedness Supplies [.html]  (List#1).  (List#2).   (List#3).
Attack Preparedness [.doc]  -  Information on being prepared for attacks.
Medical Supplies [.html]  -  Medical supplies list.
Flu Prep Guide [.pdf]  - Pandemic flu planning guide.

Thoughts On Disaster Survival [.doc]  -  Some interesting ideas on survival.
Family Disaster Plan [.doc]  -  A plan for the whole family.
Outdoor Equipment Guide [.doc]  -  Our equipment guide.
Winter Survival Tips [.html]  - From the State of Washington E.M.A.

Family Disaster Supplies Kit [.doc]  - Another planning list.
Disaster Preparedness For People With Disabilities [.doc]  - Help planning for the disabled.
Emergency Food And Water Supplies [.doc]  -  Preparedness tips.
First Aid Storage [.html]  -  First Aid Items that can be stored long term.

 US Army Survival Manual [.pdf]  - This is the 2002 Army Survival Manual.
 (Please note this is a very big download—32mb. also some of this manual has nothing to do with Scouting but much of it does provide very good advanced first aid and survival information.)

Power Point Presentations

Responding To Emergencies [.ppt]  -  A course presentation on emergency responding.

Sign Language For Disasters [.ppt]  - A course presentation on sign disaster language skills.
Shop For Supplies
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Emergency Preparedness Service                  Cabela's

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Also see our Shopping page for more sources!